africanpenguin asked: I'd be very very happy if you'd continue your fanfic! And i really miss your art style! You're really talented!

Thank you so much ^_^! I guess I’ll try to continuing it then ^^

Anonymous asked: In your pic with Amon holding korra in a choke hold was that from you fic? But I am glad u enjoy the questions and you have done a really good job .

Yes it is and thank you :) 

Anonymous asked: "Will you?" If you do could it be in a written version? Oh and 1or 2 ? Does Korra start to understand and support the equalists more than the mission? And do u still enjoy answering these questions or talking about ur fic?

For spoiling it, probably not. If I do a written version I might as well continue. Korra comes to her own conclusion about where she fits in the middle of the equalists and her mission. TBH, answering these questions kind of make me want to give the fic another shot. I’ve got two good friends irl who want to hang me over a pool of piranhas until I finish writing it too. 

Anonymous asked: when you started writing FITR did you ever see Korra bumping into Noatok On the street and had no clue it was Amon? Maybe spent the evening in a tea shop talking?

To be honest, from the recent chapter that Korra enters a period of Equalist training, she rarely gets the chance to go out. I’ve read a couple fanfics where that happened and they were pulled off really well. I did, however, come up with how Amon figured out who Korra was, though I’m not sure if anyone wants me to “spoil” it. 

Anonymous asked: Are you still watching LoK? And have you watched the Blacklist?

Yes! I’m loving the Legend of Stinky episode! And no I have not seen Blacklist before ^^;.

Anonymous asked: When will you start writing again?(Flames in the rain)P.s I just have to be honest this is a great story. I loved how you kept things modest and this didn't become a "cheesy" fiction. I feel like you kept the characters' personality and didn't make them cliché. And as a writer you where addressing the problem the way the writers of LOK should have. Just keep at the good work and always be open to ideas. And you know what all the ideas that you need will just come to you.

Thank you for reading and liking Flames in the Rain :) It is very encouraging to receive a very thoughtful message such as this for the fic. I did have a specific vision to Flames in the Rain and I know it has been practically a year-ish since I started writing this. I have to be honest though; I don’t see myself picking this story up any time soon and I can’t guarantee when it will be done. But yes, I’ll try to keep my mind and my eyes open to ideas and maybe I’ll update when no one expects it XvX;;

Anonymous asked: Please, never delete this blog D:

I won’t delete it!!! D:!

Anonymous asked: seoursly when are you continuing the flames in the rain i can wait anymore

Oh man… I don’t know! QuQ I’ve been stuck for so long q.q

Anonymous asked: when are you going to continue the Flames in the Rain,it is sow beautiful

Sorry >.<!!! Probably not until two weeks (I end school by that time)! I’ll try to pump out more by then ^^;

Anonymous asked: you're going to ALA?

yup :)